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ad arbitrium, ab hinc. protinus ore.
legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus.


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I’m really pissed off because I’ve got all these great things happening to me in the future but nothing that actually helps me mature and become more independent now like fuck sake I’m stuck on apprentice wage until at least January. Like I’m greatful but I want to grow into my job and be able to take a bit more fucking responsibility with my life other than relying on my parents for everything and being judged by every cunt who doesn’t have a job and thinks that ‘£70 a week is fucking loads I could live off that’ shut the fuck up you fucking quim jobseekers get more than that ugh man just shit like I want to learn to drive but my shit wage can’t accommodate that and then every tom dick and Harry has their parents pay for all their lessons and test and their car like get fucked I just need a fast forward button at the moment man argh

Reading festival will be a okay


anyone got any mandy


Finished the walking dead comics too

Finished world war z today (the book). It was right good.

When I was seventeen,

My mother said to me,

"Don’t stop imagining.

The day that you do is the day that you die.”

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